Whether I am shooting on location or in studio, creating and working with ideal lighting situations that best display my subject's skin is what guides my workflow. Utilizing a fully equipped production studio, I specialize in capturing subjects under the best possible quality of light that exhibits facial features, makeup details, and even skin texture that stay true to life.


Retouching is a necessary part in  producing exceptional images. Whether the images are used for large campaign prints, or in a product catalogue, proper retouching should never be overlooked. My specialty in retouching is to keep subjects looking as natural as possible, while striving for presentable, yet stunning final images.


Occasionally, I team up with Lightcapturers Creative Agency to bring our local photo community knowledge of photography and studio lighting through our educational Masters Workshop. One-on-one retouching courses are also available for those who are interested. Please contact me for more details.

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Phone: +1 (949) 748 0131

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